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Stratagem - User Reviews

Great! 3 star review

Written by Arthur

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Great! 5 star review

Written by Melissa

I use this chart more than any other. It has a good selection of currency pairs, and indicators. I also like the workspace feature. Thanks, I appreciate your service.

Stratagem: 3 star review

Written by adam

The Stratagem charts allow the user to customize a number of separate windows and detach them from the main application. The flexibility allows the trader to set up his/her screen exactly how they wish. In addition, the high resolution layout is a pleasure to view, and does not strain the eyes, as other packages tend to do so.

Unstable and not user friendly 2 star review

Written by Arthur

Not a great chart to use at all. Takes several minutes just to open up. Sometimes upwards of 10 minutes! Not a wide variety of indicators or currency pairs. Good feature is the fact that it has a print button and data exporting capability.

Hard to load up 2 star review

Written by Sean

These charts would be great IF they didn't require a certain type of java in order to load up. This hurts them that they don't use a more common java such as found at